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  • 5 Cruise Tips for Beginners — Sail Without Worries

    The first-time cruiser may be challenging. Is there a way to overcome it without worries? On the one hand, you could say that cruising is an art form, and you have to reach perfection on it. On the other hand, it can be said that it is like any other trip. Nevertheless, these 5 tips will help to avoid the most common mistakes on your cruise. Keep them in mind and enjoy the holiday!

    1. Book early

    In the cruise world, "early bird" instead of "last-minute" applies. Prices are variable and are changeable depending on time and demand. The smart cruise feature is well-managed time. For example, if you plan a cruise in advance (preferably one year), you have a chance to buy the best tickets at a reasonable price. As for those who wait too long, the rate can be twice as high. Those who keep track of time can benefit from different offers that include drinks, Internet packages, better cabins, etc.

    2. Check-in Online

    When you have waited a full year for the cruise, you are often eager to get on board as soon as you transferred to the port. Then, it can be helpful to have registered all the important information before leaving home so that check-in goes smoothly. In most shipping companies, you can fill in your name, id information, contact person, etc. The more you manage to do before, the faster it gets to the cruise terminal.

    3. Pack Lightly

    The cruise line has no limit on the weight of your luggage, but it shouldn't unleash the pack-them-all beast in you. If you enjoy shopping, remember not to bring a full bag— save some space in advance. There are usually plenty of opportunities to buy travel memories.

    And, don't overload yourselves with things you won't need. The cabin, for example, usually has a hairdryer, shampoo, shower cream, sometimes even an umbrella. If you travel with a child, don't take too many toys on board — there probably is a children room on the ship.

    4. Quiet breakfast

    If you belong to those who, before you board, feel a certain concern about being crowded with many people, then avoid, for example, eating breakfast when everyone else does. If you are a morning person or suffer from jet lag — it is OK, but in the future, it may be better to avoid the buffet. Instead of enjoying an à la carte breakfast, you can also pre-order a meal at the cabin the night before.

    5. Consider the Route

    Many choose a cruise according to the destinations. A tip for avoiding disappointment is to read more about the route in advance. Sometimes a well-known place in the program is eight to nine miles away, or you may want to get off earlier to avoid hordes of tourists. To book an excursion or not is a matter of taste (and money, because they can be expensive), but on the other hand, it can be easy to "just go along."