• 5 Ideas to Attract More Customers with SMS Marketing Campaigns

    SMS marketing is one of the most effective promotional strategies that are known. It is the most used method to retain customers and interact with them in a decisive way for their business. Why? Because of the communicative simplicity, it can guarantee SMS messages to catch the attention of recipients immediately. Simple, fast, and with a high rate of openness, they still remain the privileged means to talk with customers. That is why now, you will have to devote much more space to this kind of promotional strategy.

    Why Send Advertising SMS?

    SMS is a type of non-invasive marketing strategy that allows the customer to obtain important information about the news of business.

    The benefits of an SMS are as follows:

    • Immediacy
    • Effectiveness
    • High reading rate
    • Awareness of offers and discounts

    Did you know that the first SMS was sent in 1992 by the British engineer Neil Papworth? A year later, the Nokia interns started giving away the mobile messaging trend. Years later, in 2012, the number of text messages sent by users reached a record 6 billion! Today this trend is still active and it doesn't want to disappear.

    5 Promotional SMS Ideas to Attract More Customers

    What are the rules that should never be missed every time you write a promotional SMS dedicated to the sales season? Let's discuss some of them together.

    1. Stimulates a sense of urgency

    We know that the sales don't last long and for this reason, it is your task to highlight the sense of urgency in your customers. Tell them how long the sales will last and indicate the availability of each product.

    2. Collect contact data

    Customer data is essential to improve the SMS promotion strategy. To do so, specify that the collection of the main information concerning clients serves only to send them the best offers when the time comes.

    3. Make your customers feel special

    Do you want stronger loyalty? Create a promotion reserved for each of your customers. Send coupon codes via SMS for increased discounts or free products for every purchase made.

    4. Invite your customers to the store

    A valid SMS should always be able to convince a user to go to the store to take a look at all the items on sale. Undoubtedly, it is the most direct and fastest way to do it. Therefore, take care that the message is clear and calls for action.

    5. Don't overdo the words

    Never be too wordy! Weight the words carefully: stay limited to less than 160 characters. Remember that it is always the first words to create engagement and thus declare the success of your SMS marketing campaign.

    Here are some examples of promotional SMS messages that you can create depending on your type of activity.

    • SMS for jewelers
      "Hi, it's that time of the year again! For you, a unique promotion, 15% Extra Discount on your next purchase: show this SMS at the cash desk. "
    • Messages for clothing stores
      "Hello, Sunday 6th January we are waiting for you for the official start of the winter sales! Come and buy your favorite clothes from the autumn-winter collection. For you — a 25% discount!"
    • Gym? Here is the winning SMS
      "It's time to dispose of the New Year's dinner! 10 days of training in our clubs, including personalized fitness advice at just € 15.90 ".
    • Electronic stores: focus on upcoming deadlines
      "Don't miss the last SALE weekend! What are you waiting for to take advantage of the 40% discount on all items? Hurry up, don't say we didn't warn you! "