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  • Corporate Design: A Key Element in Marketing

    In today's digital and interconnected world, it has become increasingly important to present yourself as a company in an appropriate way. For small and medium-sized organizations too, a professional appearance with proper business equipment and relevant website plays a decisive role. They are the points of intersection that are first perceived by the customer in addition to your products or services.

    The external presentation is a central element in all marketing activities. The alignment of the further strategic steps is aimed to help you focus on the individual design of your internet platform.

    Corporate Design - Business Appearance

    As part of the corporate identity (CI), the design indicates all visual components that characterize the appearance of your platform. These include the company logo as well as the means of communication, such as business cards. Also, that's about product packaging, company vehicles, or the work clothes of the employees.

    For some companies, it is convenient to buy their own company font, the Corporate one. It is either reflected in the company logo or on the images used on your webpages. With an individual font, corporate communication stands out from the usual ones, and it is usually one of the freely available fonts.

    Also, one or more matching colors that reflect the image of the company are an essential part of the external presentation. The visual elements are easier for customers to grasp than, for example, the written description of the company's philosophy on the homepage. The visual components are the most important and immediate bearers of identity.

    The Effect of Corporate Design

    With a memorable logo or wordmark that appears on a variety of your elements, the recognition value of a company or its products is greatly increased. First and foremost, color plays a crucial role in keeping a company name in memory. One study shows that 90% of spontaneous branding can be associated with color alone.

    That is also applicable for the simplicity of a logo. Those of Nike, Apple, and McDonald's are the best known in the world. Market research has shown that the reputation of a brand also has a positive effect on the assessment of factors such as trust and reliability.

    Even within the company, the corporate design can work. The identification of employees with the organization is also supported by a regular design concept. Well-Coordinated work clothes create a feeling of togetherness, and the colleagues are recognizable as a visible part of the company.

    The Application of Corporate Design

    For the company identity, there are countless possibilities for advertising-effective placement. The standard today includes all documents, media, and products of corporate communications:

    • Stationery, business cards and stamps, e-mail signature
    • Reports, brochures, and presentations
    • Internal communication such as newsletters, work instructions, reports, and corporate newspaper
    • Homepage and communication via social media channels
    • Advertisements and all related materials
    • Banners, signs, flyers, posters

    In the context of company start-ups, the attention should be paid to the appearance of the fundamental business equipment. There are numerous printing companies on the Internet who offer stationery and business cards in bulk. For the beginning, a company stamp also serves well. Individually adapted to the corporate design, documents can be "branded" and marked with the company logo.

    Corporate Design at All Levels

    Anyone who wants to use the company's individual appearance for internet marketing and promotion can do even more than use special packaging and employee clothing. Stories can be knitted and narrated around the brand or logo. The more the company name is associated with visual and emotional impressions, the easier it will be remembered and the positive memories associated with the product or service of your company.

    In the long run, the investment in the professional development of corporate design always pays off. And, anyone who wants to develop their business successfully, should at least consider the importance of a good logo.