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  • 7 Tips of Online Shopping for Your Safety

    For the third year in a raw, the leadership of online sales websites is reaffirmed. Besides, the products that continue to lead the online business are tickets (43%), clothing, accessories, and sporting goods (39.2%), accommodation reservations (37.4%) and the purchase of tickets to concerts(36.7%).

    Use the Internet Reasonably

    For the shopping experience to be entirely satisfactory, common sense should be used: nobody gives anything away for free, spelling errors are not a good sign, websites should show the total price, etc. And here, we reveal you the basics of safe online shopping.

    Social Network — the Place for Opinions

    It is advisable, before making any purchase, to analyze the customers' feedback first. Many people share offers, experiences (positive and negative), or recommendations that could guide you online.

    Smart Searches

    We must be confident about what we are looking for. Now, you can use various apps that can help you find exactly the same dress as in the picture you've seen. Or, on many platforms, you can compare several similar items to pick the best one for you.

    Don't Buy in a Hurry

    You have to take considerable steps and, if you doubt, call customer service or delay the purchase. Also, it is recommended to look through different pages on the website and check is there is all the information needed for customer's trust. Also, there should be data about:

    • The company background
    • The product area
    • Shipping costs
    • Delivery terms
    • Guarantees offered
    • Returns terms
    • Additional charges
    • Customer service features
    • Payment method(s), etc.

    Buy on Secure Websites

    There are numerous signs to know if a website is reliable: that the address appears as https: // (with s), the inclusion of a closed padlock or a key on the page, the motto SSL ("Secure Socket Layer") or the membership in any association or group that promotes consumer protection.

    Delete the Data Entered

    It is helpful to delete the data entered in the purchase process after having made it, especially if it has been made from another computer. Also, you can clear the cache.

    Withdrawal Option

    Except for some specific products, the consumer should have the right for withdrawing from the purchase made online. Hence, always check the platforms' policy pages.

    Always Keep the Proof of Purchase

    Saving copies related to purchases is essential. We are talking not only about the receipts but also the transaction summary page, any communication that has been established with the company (chat/e-mail history), etc.