• 7 Things to Tell Your Daughter to Support Her

    It often takes courage to grow in a sometimes stereotyped society. We have heard that boys are smarter, stronger, and braver than girls (they are so fragile and so soft). But these stereotypes only exist if the children are allowed to believe them. At school, for example, according to the study of 2016, girls are more successful in reading comprehension. They were also more likely to obtain their bachelor's degrees in 2016 (83.9% versus 73.9% of their classmates). However, the educational success of young girls doesn't always turn into better professional integration into adulthood.

    To break the prejudices that are well entrenched in mentalities, and prove to your little girl that she can be as strong as the others, here is what she should hear.

    "You are strong"

    It's not just boys who dream of becoming as powerful as their favorite characters. Today, girls also have fun with their superheroes, and the brands have understood that by offering more and more toys such as DC Super Hero Girls.

    "You are smart"

    Your little girl must become aware of her worth from the youngest age. It is thanks to her intelligence that she will succeed in achieving her goals and differentiating herself.

    "You can do the sport of your choice"

    Who said that football and many other sports were only for boys? Teaching your daughter that she also has the right to play ball or any other game if she wants to will make her understand that it is possible to claim all types of profession. And Bam!

    "You are beautiful"

    Because women always tend to devalue, it is essential to help her open her eyes to her charm and beauty, so that she can trust her. Besides, she looks like mom!

    "Fulfill your dreams"

    What's more satisfying than achieving one's greatest goals? Certainly, that requires time and efforts, but dreams and goals allow people to move forward and develop. To achieve this, just believe in yourself and do your best to reach it.

    "Do not let anyone devalue you"

    Accepting the criticism and knowing how to question oneself when the remarks are justified can be positive for self-improvement. On the other hand, teach your child never to put themselves down.

    "You can do it"

    Don't let your daughter get discouraged at the slightest difficulty. Rather than saying, "I'll never make it, this math assignment is way too hard, " help her to understand the issue. Nevertheless, teach your child how not to feel guilty in case of failure. "It does not matter, you'll do better next time," " you have the right for errors," and "we learn from our mistakes " are also phrases that will allow the girl to move forward.