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  • Online Marketing of Information — How to Do It?

    In this article, we will explain how to manage a profitable business through an Online Marketing action for Information sales.

    What is Meant by Information?

    When we talk about information, we are actually discussing 4 different areas.

    • Video course
    • Advice/Guide
    • Newsletter
    • Blog

    What is Online Marketing?

    We present you our definition of Online Marketing even though it is not from the vocabulary — it is still convenient and useful.

    "Online marketing is an automated system for converting visitors into customers and then into regular customers."

    In addition, we implement this system online. To explain it better, we give you a practical example of an online system. When you see an ad on Facebook and click on it, the real marketing action starts.

    Attention: Marketing is not just the Facebook announcement, but everything that follows it — in other words, the whole process.

    What is Not Online Marketing?

    We want to immediately clarify the false beliefs that are heard on the web, clearly listing what Online Marketing is NOT:

    • Communication.
    • Word-of-mouth
    • Authority
    • Reputation
    • Professionalism
    • Ethics
    • Moral

    Of course, all these factors are important. However, if taken individually or partly, we are not discussing Marketing.

    Measure the Effectiveness of an Online Marketing Process

    There is no doubt that the effectiveness of a marketing strategy must be measurable. Also, the only way to verify its efficacy is money or the economic resources you have gained through the implementation of a certain plan. It is of fundamental importance that you know what the measurement criteria cannot be linked to.

    • They do not correspond to the number of Like.
    • They do not correspond to the number of Shares.

    Monetization is the only true criterion that you can use to verify objectively if your online business is profitable.

    What Information Do We Talk About?

    The information we are talking about can belong to 4 types.

    • Tips
    • Opinions
    • Technical reviews
    • Criticisms

    What Does Marketing Really Mean?

    There is a market where there are both a product/service and, at the same time, someone who is willing to pay for it. It is very simple, in a market there is always someone who sells and someone who buys. We don't care about everything else.

    Strategy in 7 Steps

    1. Verify that a Market exists
    2. Monetization Plan
    3. Choose a Channel that you can maintain over time
    4. Use real and relevant ways of communication
    5. Speak to sell well
    6. Choose a channel to acquire potential customer contacts
    7. Have products ready for sale

    Winning Questions

    The first aspect to consider is that there is an audience, and it's better if this audience is already getting that product/service from someone else.

    Forget your ego.

    Furthermore, many people who work in the Information Online Marketing world think that their monetization problems will be solved with the help of a magic product. Or, others think that having a Facebook page with better graphics will allow them to sell more.

    They are wrong.

    For this reason, we have prepared a list showing the real winning questions you need to ask yourself to make a profitable Online Marketing Information business and thus avoid errors and wasted time.

    • How do I create a community that can be monetized?
    • How do I make a monetizable blog?
    • On what topics, relevant for the market, could I make a video course?
    • Is there a market for the product/service I want to sell?
    • What is my monetization plan?
    • What consulting packages could I offer?
    • Is it preferable to sell Group or One-to-One packages?
    • What are the best prices?
    • What strategies should I use to 'convince' people to buy from me?
    • How do I get contacts on Facebook?
    • What do I offer in exchange for contact info?
    • How do I get the clients to continue to cooperate with me in the context of the Value Ladder?
    • Managing the situation when disputes are opened: how?
    • What are the strategies to manage unsatisfied customers?

    In conclusion

    Why should you believe what we have explored in this article? The reason is simple. Practice — all these methods are reliable, and you can expect a profitable result for sure.