In digital times, all of us are communicators, not only office workers. To say that new technologies have upset the market seems a foregone conclusion, especially for us who deal with digital marketing and communication.

    But, the business of each company is still centered on the network of connections it manages to establish and, in this digital and social networks, those will be the central figures. That doesn't mean, however, that everything takes place online and that the entire advertising budget should be allocated digitally.

    Marketing itself doesn't change because the goal is always the same. Of course, the tools that people use to contact brands and find information on products have changed, the methods which people use to interact with each other and with the various brands have changed. Single-channel, fast, and straightforward solutions don't exist: marketing is made up of intermediate (micro) and conclusive (macro) objectives being consistent with the start situation.

    Web marketing has something extra in it because every action is measurable and allows to achieve the desired result in an almost scientific way thanks to the data that is always available to those who are interested in it.

    Towards a Digitalization of Communication: 5 Trends for 2019

    Let's look through some examples of digital communication for 2019 and even further.


    Companies don't miss the world of events to show themselves and promote their products and services. Every platform or company that wants to establish contact with an audience, participate in fair communication.

    2. PR and PRESS OFFICE

    It seemed that public relations, in an increasingly digitalized world, are no longer effective enough. Some companies consider them to be still a vital lever, as budget increases show it for this specific activity. They remain essential for the link-building activity — that is to bring quality traffic to the site.


    The web and all the social networks have made numerous tools accessible to SMEs, pushing what recently was the prerogative of large companies only: the construction of the Brand.


    The data affirms that the growth of online purchases is constant and continuous: therefore, it becomes fundamental, especially for a B2C business, to equip themselves with adequate digital tools and advertise their online platforms. We are advising all companies, including B2C, to have their own online store.

    5. AI

    Thanks to artificial intelligence and the so-called machine learning, there is the possibility to extract insights more and more quickly, which will make the work of the marketers much easier. Structured data that is available in a short time can promptly change strategy and optimize the performance of any business.