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Training off-leash


Dog Training Tips:

When you have accomplished all of the four exercises discribed at Friendly Fido's, you are now about to begin training off leash.

Actually, this should go very smoothly, as your dog now knows who is in control.

Simply begin with "heel". Put his collar on, but not the leash. He probably will not even realize that he is off leash for quite a while. If he does, and decides to leave, you will have to inform him that that's not acceptable, and return him to the leash.

Try removing the leash a little each day, until you can successfully keep it off for a longer period of time.

Do not always leave it off, since an occasional reminder that it exists works best.

Then go to sit stay. No leash. Practice this until it always works. Then, go out of his sight. He should be able to sit in the same spot without moving until you return. Stay away for at least 10 minutes.

Peek around the corner if you do not have someone to watch for you. If he gets up, immediately appear and correct him, and try again.

The same goes for stand stay.

Now it's time for -----Come!

Your dog should come by now without any leash. If he doesn't, keep reinforcing until he does!

Remember,you should always finish each exercise with "heeling" no matter what the circumstances.

Tip: Give a command ONE time only!, then follow up with action until the desired results are achived.

Tip: Always reward your dog with pets and "good dogs," but don't overdo it.

Never give treats for good behavior. Your favorable response for the task completed is enough.

Training the correct way will bring you and your dog closer as a mutual respect is developed.


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