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Dog training tips:

With your dog in the stand position, use the same sweeping hand motion in fornt of his face as you did with the sit command, and say ----stay!

With your dog on the 6ft. leash, slowly walk backwards,correcting him when he tries to follow, until he gets the message. Then, leave him standing for a few minutes.

When you return to your dog, walk aroung behind him, always keeping him to your left, and come up alongside of him into the heel position.

Then say -----heel, walk a few steps and stop. After he automatically sits by your side, then, you can give him a few pets and "good dogs".

After he has succesfully performed this exercise repeatedly, switch to the clothesline, and keep extending the distance between you until you are about 20ft. away. Then return to him, as described above and continue in the same manner.

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