Training Your Dog to Heel

Training Your Dog to Heel


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Training your dog to "heel"

Now that you have your choke chain and leash on your dog properly, have him stand on your left side. Push his rump into the sitting position. He should be sitting on your left and facing forward in the same direction as you are.

Start out with your left foot (your dog can see this) say " (your dog's name) heel", take a few steps forward and stop. Immediately, pull up with your left hand on the leash, which you are holding about 6" from the collar and swing around toward your dog and push his rump down into the sitting position with your right hand. Then say "good dog" and give him a few pets. Don't overdo it! he must know that his is NOT a signal to play.

Repeat this procedure for about 1/2 hr. per day, until he gets the message.

After the session is over, remove the collar and say ok this is his signal that its fine to play.

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