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Down /Down Stay


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Dog Training continued:

Train your dog to sit/stay first!

To train your dog to lie down on command, while he is in the heel position, take ahold of the leash about 6" from his collar, and pull him down to the floor while giving the command ----down!

Repeat this exercise several times, and eventually he will respond without your help when you say ----down!

When your dog lies down on command, you are now ready to teach him down stay.

First give him the down command -----down! Then use the same hand signal as with sit stay. One downward sweep with a flattened hand. Say ----stay. Try first with the leash on, outstretched to its full length. Then, after he remains down until you have returned to him, in the same manner described on the sit/stay page, try the clothesline, and ultimately no leash. After this has been accomplished, go out of his sight for about 10 minutes. Always keep him in your sight, but stay out of his sight.

You will know when it is safe to give him the command of down stay and be able to actually leave him when he has sucessfully repeated this exercise many times.

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