Dog Training for a Friendly Fido

Dog Training for a Friendly Fido


Use of Training Collars


Sit and Stay

Stand Stay

Down Stay


Training off-leash

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Welcome Dog Lovers,

Here are the FIVE BASIC THINGS needed to know for training your dog to be a perfect companion for you as well as satisfying the requirements for obtaining the degree of Companion Dog issued by the American Kennel Club.

Always remember that a "good Fido" and a few pets are all that is needed in dog training, to let your dog know that you are pleased with him. Therefore, never use treats in dog training, to reward him for good behavior. You want him to obey under any circumstances. He will be a better companion to you in the long run.

Supplies needed for dog training:

1 choke chain collar

1 6ft. leash

Dog training tips:

Tip: Only give your dog a command one time (example "FIDO COME!"), then immediately follow it up with action. This will keep your dog from getting confused.

Tip: After your training session is done for the day, remember that 10 minutes of off leash play time does a world of good to keep your dog looking forward to the next day's training session. Remember to remove the choke collar.

Tip: Train your dog for 1/2 hr. everyday, for best results.


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